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Website Rules

1) This is not a Forum for Politics

We respect that there are many hot topics in current events, but this page is not to be used to promote a political opinion, discourse or debate. Save that for elsewhere.

2)  Be Kind and Courteous

As a class we enjoyed many great times together. We shared many different interests from academics and athletics to music and the arts. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required.

3)  Rudeness and Vulgarity will not be tolerated.

Please save the potty-mouth and crass talk for another page. This includes the use of emojis and other substitutes for bad language. Be polite and respectful to everyone.

4)  No Hate Speech or Bullying

This isn't 1981 anymore and bullying of any kind isn't allowed. Degrading or derogatory comments about things like another's race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, will not be tolerated.

5)  Respect Everyone's Privacy

What's shared in the group should stay in the group. This includes photos, personal information, and all comments.

6)  No Promotions or Spam

Self-promotion, spam and irrelevant links aren't allowed. If someone is looking for help and you can assist or have a service you can provide, please message them privately.

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